Adobe Analytics

Enhance Your Adobe Analytics with In-Depth Account-Level Insights

About Adobe Analytics

Connect account-level data to your Adobe Analytics to identify the highest value prospects visiting your website and their online behavior.

The feature provides actionable insights into the activities of ideal buyers and targeted accounts and creates hyper-targeted ad campaigns.

You’ll be able to identify the highest value prospects visiting your website, create in-depth audience reports to verify which campaigns perform well, attract more ideal buyers and optimize your marketing strategies and spend accordingly.

Key Features

Improved Campaign & Audience Reports

  • Build in-depth custom reports to see ideal buyers behind your Adobe Analytics sessions
  • Spend smarter on ads and prove the ROI of paid acquisition efforts faster

Targeting and Retargeting

  • Create retargeting pools based on intent, firmographic, and technographic data
  • Have industry-based remarketing through custom segments
  • Easily create new lookalike audiences based on your ideal buyers


The feature can be purchased as an add-on to any paid plan from Albacross.

Adobe Analytics screenshots

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