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Create a 1-To-1 Experience for Every Website Visitor

About Google Optimize

B2B buyers not only want but expect a tailored experience. However, if your product's value is extremely different and specific, depending on their industry, how can you be customer-centric and get your website to reflect it effectively?

That’s where Albacross comes into play. Through a high level of detail of firmographic, behavioral, and technographic data points, it allows you to collect your visitors’ data and immediately return a personalized website experience.

Once you connect Albacross to Google Optimize you’ll be able to build precise workflows to personalize both buying and user experience

Key Features

Increase relevance and engagement for your target B2B audience

  • Automatically change the web content, images, and success cases based on different characteristics of your buyer, e.g. Revenue, industry, or a number of employees
  • Present the most relevant products/solutions that suit your buyer's industry, company size, and tech stack when they land on your site.
  • Connect to Google Analytics to monitor the performance, so you know how to improve later.
  • Increase page views and time spent on your website and decrease bounce rate
  • Alter CTA buttons and route accounts to different journeys based on their buying intent and lifetime value.


The feature can be purchased as an add-on to any paid plan from Albacross.

Google Optimize screenshots

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