HG Insights

Find Your Best-Fit Buyers with Advanced Technology Datapoints

About HG Insights

Have you ever met a prospect who has the budget, interested in your product, and willing to buy it…until the moment they realized they could integrate with your products, and decided not to move forward with your company?

Mistakes like this waste time and put your revenue growth at risk.

The HG insights feature shows you the technology tools your prospects are using by analyzing data from over 20 billion unique sources. All the data are segmented by product category, name, and vendor for you to find the right information quickly.

By combining HG insights with Albacross, you can build a more precise targeting strategy fueled by hyper-personalized messages that can be leveraged by all customer-facing teams.

Key Features

Boost Targeting & Retargeting Strategies

  • Create an Advanced Ideal Customer Profile using filters like firmographic data, tech tools they are using, and their buying intent.
  • Enable a more precise targeting for all customer-facing teams
  • Additional information to personalize your outreach

Win Over Competitors Faster

  • Find out high-intent accounts using your competitor’s tools
  • Reach out to them with a personalized pitch based on your competitive advantage and win them over faster.

Increase Outreach Efficiency

  • Leverage real-time insights on your target audience’s software purchase history, vendor preference, and available budget
  • Craft hyper-personalized outreach campaigns that get you a higher response rate


The feature can be purchased as an add-on to any paid plan from Albacross.

HG Insights screenshots

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