LinkedIn Matched Audiences

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Target high-quality audiences on LinkedIn faster

About LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Albacross for LinkedIn Matched Audiences enables B2B marketers to turn high-value accounts revealed by Albacross into new ad audiences.

Built for marketers managing paid marketing campaigns or you’re just someone trying to get the most out of your LinkedIn ad spend, this integration allows you to retarget anonymous website visitors on LinkedIn with only a few clicks.

No need to waste time on manual lists; you'll be able to focus on what matters: driving more conversions and ROI, while monitoring and optimizing everything from within Linkedin.

Key Features

Build Matched Audiences on LinkedIn based on in-market buyers

  • Target in-market accounts based on your anonymous website traffic
  • Connect your most valuable accounts automatically with LinkedIn.
  • Choose 8 customized data fields to create more accurate audience.

Expand ad reach to reach key decision makers faster

  • Push your ads to all decision-makers working for the target accounts.
  • Narrow down the audiences based on departments or job titles when needed.
  • Agilely add new in-market accounts and remove accounts that are converted.

Deliver more engaging ads based on your audience's traits Optimize ad campaigns based on your prospects' buying signals. Maximize your ad budget on ideal companies ready to buy. Lower CAC and avoid wasting money on low-quality accounts.


Included in all paid plans.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences screenshots

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