HubSpot CRM

Automatically export your leads from Albacross into Hubspot CRM.

About HubSpot CRM

Hubspot CRM is the platform companies use to organize, track and build better relationships with leads and customers.

The Albacross - Hubspot CRM integration allows you to directly send warm leads that have visited your website to your Hubspot CRM, making it possible to put the expansion of your sales pipeline on autopilot.

HubSpot CRM features

  • Automated data export
  • Auto reveal of contacts of decision makers in Hubspot
  • Custom property mapping
  • Export of segments based on customer profile
  • Updated company and contact info in Hubspot
  • Assign owners for Albacross leads in Hubspot
  • Create accounts, tasks and set sales cycle stage on leads from Albacross

HubSpot CRM pricing

The integration is included in Albacross Pro and Enterprise plans.

To find out more on how to set up the integration, view our help center.

HubSpot CRM screenshots

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