Transfer leads from Albacross to Salesforce automatically

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application. So, if you are using it, benefit from transferring your leads detected by Albacross to Salesforce automatically.

Note: you will need to have Zapier accout to enable it.

Albacross to Salesforce integration helps you to move all the leads data to the CRM in a single mouse click or automatically when the new lead is passing the pre-saved filter in the Albacross dashboard.

Salesforce features

  • Flexible data mapping
  • Automated and Manual data export
  • Export the filtered segments
  • Auto reveal of contacts of decision makers

Salesforce pricing

The integration is included in Albacross Premium and Business plans.

Note: you will need to have Zapier accout to enable it.

Salesforce & Albacross Zapier templates

Salesforce screenshots

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