Automatically Export Albacross High-Intent Prospects to Salesforce

About Salesforce

Salesforce is the world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The integration lets you seamlessly add and update lead, contact, account, and custom object information of website visitors directly in Salesforce.

Push your high-intent prospects to Salesforce with a single click or set automated workflows that sync at your most desired frequency. The integration helps sales teams prioritize outreach based on accounts’ engagement and makes prospecting more efficient.

Company and contact data from Albacross includes:

  • Contact information for decision-makers
  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Industry
  • Number of employees
  • Activity on the website
  • Source of the visit
  • 100+ company and contact data points

Key Features

Increase Sales Efficiency

  • Create segments in Albacross to identify prospects that meet your ideal customer profile
  • Automatically fill your pipeline with accounts that have shown buying intent on your website
  • Identify the solutions the accounts have shown intent in, as well as decision-makers to reach out to
  • Prioritize accounts based on their website engagement and increase deal velocity

Keep Your Salesforce Clean & Up-To-Date

  • Add and update records of website visitors directly in Salesforce
  • Choose the most convenient way to export data: manually or automatically, in real-time or delayed
  • Leverage flexible data mapping & picklist mapping

Improve Account-Based Intelligence

  • Sync your records and pipeline to create CRM-based segmentations in Albacross
  • Update firmographic information of your existing accounts or enrich them with new activity insights
  • Notify Account Owners when their accounts are showing learning or buying intent so they never miss an opportunity to re-engage
  • Arm your sales team with insights into the specific activity of their accounts to have targeted conversations that move the account down the funnel


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