Get Real-Time Alerts for Prospects Visiting Your Website Directly in Slack

About Slack

Slack fuels enterprise collaboration by centralizing communication into one single hub.

With Albacross for Slack, your teams get real-time notifications about prospects identified by Albacross start meaningful conversations with them faster. Instead of adding one more tool to your stack, bring the data to where your team lives.

Create segments of your ideal buyers based on selected firmographic, technographic, and buying intent data in Albacross. Then, in a dedicated Slack channel, watch notifications pour in when they visit your website.

Your teams will get notified on Slack when ideal buyers visit your website and will be well-equipped with company-level and contact information from companies and decision-makers to engage them quickly.

Key Features

Accelerate Pipeline Growth With Sales Alerts

  • Use 100+ data points to find high-intent prospects and send them to MS Teams
  • Send company and contact details to channels, teams, and individuals from Albacross to Slack
  • Get real-time sales alerts to track interactions of new or existing customers with your website

Boost Upselling Opportunities & Customer Loyalty

  • Notify customer-facing teams about prospects’ specific behavior and content consumed within your website
  • Prioritize accounts and improve outreach based on their website engagement

Increase Productivity Among Revenue Teams

  • Manage new prospects from specific Slack channels
  • Track upsell or cross-sell opportunities by setting alerts for when existing accounts or customers show new buying intent


The integration is included in Albacross Pro and Enterprise plan.

Slack screenshots

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